Are grammar schools facing a crisis of funding?

“Many of the 163 grammars are facing a crisis under May, even though she promised to champion them. Some get less than £4,500 per pupil, among the lowest funding in the UK. Other state schools can receive as much as £8,000.”   The Sunday Times, 8 July 2018

It’s correct that around half of grammar schools in England received less than £4,500 per pupil in 2016/17. No grammar school received more than £5,500 per pupil. Full Fact, the UK’s independent factchecking charity investigates the claim. 

Around 70 (or 5%) of the 1,500 non-grammar state schools taking students aged 11-18 received under £4,500 per pupil. A small number (21) received more than £8,000 per pupil.

On average, grammar schools in England received around £4,500 per pupil, while other state schools received £5,200.

It’s been reported that the new formula used to fund schools will boost grammar school budgets relatively more than other schools in coming years.

Grammar schools and other state schools received similar levels of basic entitlement. In 2016/17 English grammar schools received an average of £4,100 a student, and other English state schools received £4,300.

Grammar schools however receive much less in other grants than other comparable state schools. For example, they receive about £250 per student less in deprivation funding, reflecting the fact that pupils in grammar schools are from relatively less disadvantaged backgrounds than pupils at other state schools.

For example, no grammar school received money for funding private finance initiatives (PFI) costs while around 100 other state schools did—as much as £2,100 per pupil in one school.

Of the 36 councils with grammar schools, only two put more money into pupils in grammar schools—£10 more per pupil in Essex and £32 more per pupil in Kirklees. The largest gap was in Slough where grammar schools received around £1,300 less per pupil on average than the other state schools in the area.  

Read more about the findings and conclusion Are grammar schools facing a crisis of funding?

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