Today’s poll: Are bright disadvantaged students being let down by the system?

Research suggests bright students from disadvantaged backgrounds are barely half as likely to achieve three A-levels as their better-off peers. Is the system letting them down or would it be wrong to give them special treatment?

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  1. cherrylkd

    SchoolsImprove can’t we just teach all children to the best of our ability? No matter if they’re rich or poor, SEND or otherwise?!

  2. jwscattergood

    cherrylkd SchoolsImprove Yes, was rather good and many valid points raised. Perhaps best not to restart it now 😛

  3. groganjim

    SchoolsImprove BarrySheerman They are in areas that still operate the 11+. The well-off take up almost all the grammar school places

  4. Trudgeteacher

    cherrylkd SchoolsImprove in general we do. If schools are expected to solve all the problems caused by unequal society, new system req.

  5. ChrisImafidon

    SchoolsImprove The mountain of evidence is there for everyone to see! The system is too inflexible to accommodate the LEANER!

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