AQA GCSE Chemistry exam: Students tweet to celebrate ‘easy’ test

The Independent is reporting that students have again taken to Twitter after an exam, but this time because the answer to one AQA chemistry GCSE problem was given away in the wording of another question…

Days after GCSE students took to social media to complain of the apparent carnage that was the Edexcel Maths exam, teenagers are celebrating after sitting an “easy” AQA Chemistry paper, with the answer to one question appearing in the wording of another…

However, some students weren’t so pleased, and pointed out that the grade boundaries on the test are likely to be sky-high…

A spokeswoman said: “The answer to Question 2(a)(i), asked students to complete the sentence ‘The main compound in limestone is calcium____’. In  Question 5, part of the question states : ‘Limestone is mainly calcium carbonate’.”

“As part of our ongoing quality control checks we noticed that an answer to a one-mark question was given in a longer question later on in the paper. This shouldn’t have happened, and we’re sorry it did.

“As the papers had already been sent out to schools and colleges, we took the view (and informed our regulator, Ofqual) that it was better to leave both questions in than cause unnecessary stress and confusion to students right at the start of the exam.

“We’ll make sure it doesn’t affect students’ grades, but schools can get in touch if they have concerns…“

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Oh dear – that’s pretty rubbish isn’t it?

It’s also so stupid I wonder if it might have freaked some students out if they thought about it too much and wondered if there was a catch.

That said, the reaction on twitter suggests most took it in their stride!


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