AQA Chemistry exam leaves GCSE students thanking examiners for ‘blessing’ of a test

Young Voices, Huffington Post reports that thousands of students are celebrating the “blessing” of an AQA chemistry paper after sitting the GCSE exam this morning.  

Pupils tweeted the exam board to thank them for the test, with some particularly zealous teens even calling it a “gift from God”. 


But many students appear to have forgotten their animosity towards examiners after sitting the chemistry test, with a six mark question about limestone quarrying proving to be a particular hit. 

“Making sure you not dreaming seeing limestone is the 6 marker ” and  “ that 6 marker on quarrying limestone, drilling and thermal decomposition was a blessing”

The paper comes during the first week of GCSE exams, with thousands of 15 and 16 year olds around the country in the midst of revision. 

One student took to Facebook last month to describe the “ridiculous” pressure the exams are putting teens under, saying it is not uncommon “to see us crying in the toilets”. 

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