Apprenticeship scheme not doing enough to support young people

The TES is reporting that a recent study has shown that the number of apprenticeship places taken up by young people has dropped in the past four years.

While there was a 30 per cent increase in the total number of apprenticeships between 2010-11 and 2014-15, the number of 17- and 18 year-old apprentices actually dropped by 8,000 in that period, according to analysis by IPPR.

And even those young people who do manage to secure an apprenticeship often do not get the appropriate training, says the report. Most apprentices, it adds, already have qualifications at the level of their apprenticeship, meaning they are not progressing.

The IPPR report also states that while the new system will work well in large organisations with a commitment to high-quality technical training, it will not deliver for the growing number of smaller businesses, as well as those working in the service sector.

Charlynne Pullen, senior research fellow at IPPR, said apprenticeships should be a key route for young people to move into work, but not enough young people are benefiting from the government’s apprenticeship programme. “And this situation could get worse in the coming years.

“Training existing staff in what they already know isn’t what the public think of as an apprenticeship. There is a real risk of the new apprenticeship system repeating many of the same mistakes as the previous system that it is replacing,” she added

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    SchoolsImprove when an employer sets 5 gcse including English and maths as apprentice criteria you will only get progression when(1)

  2. The_Data_Adonis

    SchoolsImprove the learner progresses to advanced apprenticeship usually beyond 19, also some employers like to see a level 3 qual (2)

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    SchoolsImprove before offering an apprenticeship let alone an advanced apprenticeship likely to increase with formal bridging options

  4. The_Data_Adonis

    SchoolsImprove a big question is are apprenticeships something you do once in your life or may you have to do another as job market moves?

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