Anthony Seldon: ‘Morgan deserves praise, not derision.’

Sir Anthony Seldon writes in his Telegraph column that Nicky Morgan’s climbdown on academies could yet be her best decision as Education Secretary and the making of her period in office.

The plan would have been to have converted all 20,000 schools in England to academies; the oversight of this vast number could have turned into a nightmare if she had not pulled back.

Morgan has proved a much better Education Secretary than many thought. She has shown that she has steel, passion and judgement.

Morgan now needs to focus on secondary schools – the vast majority of which are already academies -and ensure that they are properly run and overseen to the benefit of pupils. Ensuring all secondaries become academies is a viable aim. Turning all primaries into academies can be left for another day.

She needs to find a sensible way forward on testing which is seen to be palpably fair and beneficial. Much more needs to happen in schools, beyond simply academic results, to develop skills among our young people that the 21st century workplace and society will demand.

More at: ‘Nicky Morgan deserves applause not derision for her change in direction over academies

What do you think? Do you agree with Sir Anthony? Does Nicky Morgan deserve more credit?

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  1. Nairb1

    ‘The plan would have been to have converted all 20,000 schools in England to academies; the oversight of this vast number could have turned into a nightmare if she had not pulled back.’
    Maybe Seldon hasn’t noticed that the SoS policy to convert all schools to academies by 2022 remains unchanged. Still it’s interesting to note that he thinks she’s a great SoS because she came up with a stunningly inept policy and then changed her mind (even though she hasn’t really).
    Seldon does reveal in his Telgraph article why he’s such a Morgan supporter, claiming that ‘Too many schools have inadequate leaders.’ And the evidence he cites to support this assertion? It’s a Morganesque gap. Surely he’s not setting out his stall to be invited to become Chief Inspector!

  2. neilayates

    SchoolsImprove She deserves derision for presiding over an inept department making policy on the hoof & ignoring most professional opinion

  3. JohnBocking

    SchoolsImprove First Toby, now Anthony; do they have a plan perhaps with Sir MW who rejected parent criticism of KS1 SATs & supported NiMO?

  4. 44afegfost44

    SchoolsImprove Still no evidence Academies work.. Choice is fundamental in Democracy.Morgan.. Done little or nothing yet.

  5. sisterofmurphy

    SchoolsImprove I don’t believe it. Is it a spoof or has seldom lost his marbles. I always admired him till now. U0001f627

  6. MikesuziNZ

    SchoolsImprove has he been in a coma for 2 years. As the furor she messed up education beyond belief, did you see the reading test today!

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