Another pay rise for country’s highest-earning vice-chancellor Professor Dame Glynis Breakwell

The Bath Chronicle reports that the University of Bath vice-chancellor received a pay rise three-and-a-half times that of many employees, it can be revealed. Professor Dame Glynis Breakwell was awarded a 3.9 per cent increase (2.8 on top of the 1.1 national award) in 2016-17 according to minutes of the remuneration committee which she has since stepped down from.

This translates to an extra £17,589, meaning Dame Glynis earned more than £468,000 in salary and benefits last year, and widens the gap between her and the lowest paid employee. The local authority last week expressed concern about levels of pay inequality at the university.

Claire Marr was a member of the council and attended that meeting, but she has since left the role as well as her university job as an accommodation operations assistant. 

She said: “When I worked at the university, I was paid less in a year than [Professor] Breakwell got as her pay rise last year.

“I tried to change this culture of huge pay rises for the top and real terms pay cuts for the rest, but the governance structures are set up to stop any criticism of the management.”

Research assistant Dr Sol Gamsu, 29, is employed on an 18-month fixed-term contract to conduct a study into educational inequality

“Under the period she’s been vice-chancellor the university has been successful, but the example she’s setting for members of staff coming into higher education like myself is one of greed.

“While at the one end you’ve got the vice-chancellor [getting] inflation-busting pay increases, you’ve got staff like myself being given one per cent pay increases.”

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