Andrew Lloyd Webber to fund musical theatre equipment in US public schools

The Daily Mail is reporting that Andrew Lloyd Webber is funding $1.3million to buy musical theatre equipment in US public schools and subsidise study.

“I’m afraid what’s happening in America is mirrored in Britain. It seems to be that nobody quite understands in the treasuries of our various countries that every penny you put into the arts, comes back in some form — in my view, five times over,” he told The Associated Press on the eve of the announcement.

The three-year grant operated by The American Theatre Wing will include buying instruments and equipment for school theater programs, funding summer study and after-school training, and college scholarships.

Arts education “makes a vital contribution to children’s well-being and their understanding of other disciplines,” Lloyd Webber said. “If you start learning music, you immediately get a grasp for math.”

The U.S. grant is an extension of a program Lloyd Webber has implemented in Britain, introducing violins in schools before pupils go on to make their own music choices. “It’s a beginning. Let’s put it this way: It’s a beginning.”

More at: Andrew Lloyd Webber offers $1.3 million grant for children

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