Almost ‘one in 10’ children would miss a meal without breakfast club

ITV News is reporting research suggesting nearly one in every ten children would miss out on an early morning meal if schools stopped running breakfast clubs…

A YouGov poll found 9% of parents admitted their child would be less likely to have a vital meal before school and some 17% would be forced to leave their youngster unsupervised.

Breakfast clubs emerged as a helpful childcare option in the poll, as around one in every six parents said they would be forced to leave their child without adult supervision, while others would have to quit working without them.

The findings come in a poll of around 2,000 working parents of children aged four to 16, commissioned by Kellogg’s.

The YouGov poll, which was conducted at the beginning of the year, also found:

  • Some 29% admitted they or their partner would have to stop working if their child could not attend a breakfast club.
  • A further 15% would not be able to afford alternative childcare for their child in the morning while they were working.
  • One quarter of families with an income of less £40,000 and young children aged between four and 11 would be forced to leave their children alone while they went to work.
  • The poll also found that nearly a quarter (24%) of working households use pre-school breakfast clubs to drop off primary school children before the bell goes so that they can get to work on time.

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What are your thoughts on these figures? Is the provision of breakfast clubs essential to help families cope with work demands – as well as alleviating hunger – or is something wrong when schools are effectively becoming childcare providers for more and more of the day? Please share in the comments or via Twitter…

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  1. LiterateCyNickS

    SchoolsImprove School breakfast club a valuable service for many but ‘wraparound childcare’ is NOT what schools are for! #GovesChildminders

  2. RowenaSelwood

    rrunsworth SchoolsImprove that’s what happens when women are forced back to work & not valued to do the job of mother!

  3. rrunsworth

    RowenaSelwood Yes, it’s really tough juggling & some have no choice but to return to work. Whoever deals w childcare shld feed kids.

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