Almost half of learners in top study destinations say higher ed failed to prepare them for their career

The Global Learner Survey recorded responses from than 11,000 people aged between 16-70 years to get a full picture of how people are learning across the world, with participants from US, UK, Australia, Canada, Europe, South Africa, Brazil, China, India, Hispano-America and the Middle East. The PIE News reports.

Respondents were asked their opinion on their higher education experience and whether or not it prepared them for their career, as part of an effort to shed light on perceptions that major skills gaps persist between what is learned in university and what’s required for the world of work.

In the UK, 51% of survey participants answered that their higher education experience did not prepare them for their career. 

The US and Australia saw similar results, with large numbers of participants (44% and 42% respectively) saying their higher education experience hadn’t prepared them for their jobs. There was also a similar story in Canada (42%) and in Europe excluding the UK (45%). 

By contrast, 73% of participants in countries in HispanoAmerica said that their higher education had prepared them for work, and in China, it was 67%. 

However, spokesperson for Pearson Laura Howe told The PIE News the results should be taken in context whether or not they were working in the field that had been their major area of study at university.

“That said, what we don’t know whether people felt ill-prepared for because they chose a different career path or if they deliberately chose to work outside their field of study because they felt university didn’t prepare them in the first place.” 

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