Alleged victim says Cyril Smith, pupils and staff abused him at school of horrors

The Manchester Evening News is reporting that an alleged victim has spoken of his harrowing treatment at ‘school of horrors’ Knowl View – revealing he was abused by a teacher, fellow pupils and disgraced MP Cyril Smith as long ago as the 1960s…

The man, now in his fifties, has told for the first time of his ‘torture’ at the Rochdale school as police launch a major investigation into an alleged abuse cover-up.

He said the school ruined his life – leaving him ‘empty’ and unable to get a proper job or talk to family of his ordeal.

He is now the tenth ex-pupil to be suing Rochdale council over the notorious school.

His story is one of a pervert’s paradise in which paedophiles had free rein – with abuse dating back years longer than previously thought. One teacher began touching him and other boys almost as soon as he joined the school in 1969, he said.

But in 1971, aged 11, he remembers Smith – who he saw watching pupils play sport while wearing a yellow rosette – molesting him in the staff room.

The man said: “He started bawling and screaming at me. He made me cry.

“Then he just took me in his arms, cuddling me. He put me on his knee and he put my hand between his legs.

“I don’t remember if he put his hand between mine because I was already being abused like that by a member of staff.

“Then a teacher came in to make himself a drink. He said ‘Are you all right?’ I was off like a shot. That was my chance to run. I knew what was going to happen. I knew he was a predator.”…

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