All Edinburgh primary schools to partake in Meat Free Mondays.

The Scotsman is reporting that all primary schools in Edinburgh are to partake in the Meat Free Monday campaign in a bid to improve the environment.

The Capital will be the first local authority in Scotland to drop meat from its lunch menu every Monday, joining others across England and Northern Ireland, as well as schools as far afield as Brazil, South Korea and USA.

Children, Education and Families Convener, Councillor Ian Perry, said: “Encouraging healthy eating is extremely important so it’s fantastic that our primary pupils are being introduced to the benefits of eating less meet at a young age.

“By participating in Meat Free Monday schools are also raising awareness of the environmental impact of livestock production, as well as the poor standards in which some animals are farmed.”

Meat Free Monday was established in 2009 by singer Paul McCartney and his daughters Stella and Mary, aiming to raise awareness of the impact eating meat has on the environment, climate change and natural resources in addition to the health benefits of having at least one meat free day each week.

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  1. Busy Mum

    Enforced vegetarianism. What happened to individual choice? It’s a load of nonsense anyway; the environment has only gone to pot since the industrial revolution. I would take these people more seriously if they surrendered their cars and all technology, had nothing plastic, grew all their own veg etc etc.

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