Leading Scottish private school accused of threatening to “bin” under performing pupils

An independent school in Scotland has been accused of “binning” pupils who underachieve in their national exams. This is from the Press and Journal…

Parents at Albyn School were informed by letter from the school’s deputy head that they should consider “alternatives” for their children if they do not perform to a high standard in their final exams later this year.

In a letter sent to parents of fourth year pupils who were deemed to have under-performed in their preliminary exams, the school outlines the standards expected of pupils who wish to continue their education into fifth year.

It states pupils planning to continue their studies will be expected to have a minimum grade B in many of their courses and will also have to study five subjects.

The letter has sparked an angry reaction among parents, who claim they have been misled by the school.

One parent, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “The school has a duty of care to pupils it has taken in through the ranks. Now it’s binning them and it’s utterly repugnant.

“I have a daughter in third year and she heard about this letter and said ‘I may as well give up now’.”

Another, who also did not want to be named, added: “I feel betrayed, I chose Albyn School because it is a family, caring, supportive school.”

However, the school has defended the letter and said there will be a number of options for pupils who do not meet the requirements…



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  1. TW

    State schools that only care about league tables have to get rid of children who may not enhance the school’s status.  Private schools have to get rid of children that may undermine profits.  Who would’ve thought?

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