Alabama Teacher of the Year resigns after state calls her ‘unqualified’

The Independent is reporting that a veteran Teacher of the Year in Alabama has resigned after 21 years in the classroom after local authorities told her she is unqualified to educate fifth graders.

Ann Marie Corgill was told by the Alabama Department of Education that her qualifications were not up to scratch, despite being 2015 National Teacher of the Year and 2014-2015 Alabama Teacher of the Year finalist. She is also the author of teaching book called “Of Primary Importance”.

Ms Corgill said she was tired of having to prove herself and did not want to pay more fees, and sent Birmingham City Schools a letter of resignation.

In the letter, first obtained by, she wrote: “After 21 years of teaching in grades 1-6, I have no answers as to why this is a problem now, so instead of paying more fees, taking more tests and proving once again that I am qualified to teach, I am resigning.”

The Alabama Department of Education records show Ms Corgill, who says on her Twitter profile that she is living her “God given purpose as a classroom teacher and learner”, has Class A and B certifications to teach primary schoolers through the third grade. The teacher was moved to teach a fifth grade class after the semester started at Oliver Elementary School, Birmingham. However, Corgill holds the National Board Certification to teach children aged 7 to 12, which would include most children in with grade, and it is valid until 2020, according to the National Board Certification directory…

Alice King, the New York-based education consultant at the Center for the Collaborative Classroom, told The Independent it was “crazy” that Corgill has resigned…

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UPDATE: The Associated Press (via the Mail) is now reporting that Ms Cargill and the school are trying to work out their issues and Ms Cargill is claiming her letter was “pending” and not meant to become public.


Seems like a terrible waste – let’s hope they find a way to persuade Ms Coghill to reconsider (although her sense of frustration clearly runs deep).


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  1. wasateacher

    On the face of it, this is a ridiculous state of affairs.  I trained to be a ‘middle school’ teacher, although the course was mainly primary.  I then taught in secondary for my whole career.  The primary training, focussing on how children learn from an early age, was extremely useful in secondary.  Should I have had to register separately?  Bureaucracy gone mad, and the current UK government follows where madness leads

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