Al-Madinah free school: chair of governors resigns

The BBC is reporting that the chair of governors of the under-fire Al-Madinah Muslim free school has announced she is stepping down…

Ofsted inspectors had described the school in Derby as “dysfunctional” and rated it inadequate in every category.

The inspection had been brought forward by the agency after fears were raised about teaching standards.

Shazia Parveen said she would step down at the “end of a period of transition” and acknowledged the weaknesses identified by Ofsted.

In a statement, she said: “The future of our children starts now.”

The Ofsted report, published on 17 October, said the school required special measures and that the teachers were inexperienced and had not been provided with proper training.

Al-Madinah Education Trust said it accepted the report and would use it to move forward.

Ms Parveen said in her statement: “Over the last few years, I have sacrificed my own time, family and health for this noble cause – to help educate the children of our communities.

“The future of our children starts now. Much has been said about our school. We, the governing body, have tried our best.

“We acknowledge the weaknesses within our school and have taken the Department for Education (DfE) recommendations very seriously.

“I plan to step down from my position as chair of the governing body as soon as the transition is over and this is clearly for the best interests of our children.

“In conclusion, we are ready to learn from our mistakes but not willing to fail our students.”

…The school’s trustees now have to provide an action plan to show how fit they are to run the school, and how it will improve, by 1 November.

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    SchoolsImprove It’s a pity Gove doesn’t have the power to sack the GB and replace with, say, an Interim Executive Board… Oh wait!

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