Age discrimination is rife in profession, says teacher

The TES is reporting claims that the over-50s are undervalued and are being shut out of teaching…

Writing in the 20 March issue of TES, Rae Gilbert (not her real name) explains how her efforts to find employment after moving to a different area of the country have been thwarted by age discrimination.

“I never heard back from many of the schools I applied to. Those who did reply were negative,” she writes. “Confused, I asked around, did some research and requested feedback from failed applications. That’s when the revelation occurred: although I was experienced, dynamic and up to date with current teaching practice, I was over 50 and apparently that meant getting a new job in education was impossible.”

She reveals that her experience is not an uncommon one – numerous other teachers she spoke to had been through similar experiences. And the NASUWT teaching union acknowledges that age discrimination is now a huge issue for teachers.

“All the evidence shows that discrimination is rife in the workplace,” says general secretary Chris Keates…

Gilbert outlines how this is not just illegal but is also denying young people the chance to work with teachers with so many fantastic skills…

Read the full article in 20 March edition of TES

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This seems insane: we have a teacher shortage and the most experienced are being made to feel unwelcome. People are, in general, going to be fit, healthy and active for years longer now than in the past so what’s behind this apparent discrimination?


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  1. MarkQui12591531

    SchoolsImprove Is this cos older teachers are more expensive? Perhaps there should be a LA subsidy for employing more experienced staff.

  2. SchoolsImprove

    MarkQui12591531 Many suggesting it could be the reason in which solutions should be looked at because it’s crazy to lose experienced staff

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