Academy trust boss: ‘Schools should be able to leave MATs after five years’

For the embryonic multi-academy trust system to mature successfully, schools should be given a window of opportunity to leave their trust after five years, one chief executive has said in Tes.

Alison Critchley, chief executive of RSA Academies, called for the introduction of five-year fixed contracts between schools and multi-academy trusts in an article in Friday’s Tes magazine.

Critchley proposes that at the end of the initial five-year contract, both the school and the MAT would decide whether or not they wished to enter into a new agreement for a further five years.

Critchley writes: “Creating fixed-term rather than permanent relationships would change the dynamic for all schools working as part of a MAT.

“This arrangement would take us closer to a truly school-led system, making it more likely that struggling schools would receive support and intervention without delay.”

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  1. wasateacher

    That’s right: get more debts written off; create more instability for staff and parents; allow academy trusts to direct money to contacts then give up the schools; change the uniform every 5 years…….. This really would be barking mad. We are already swapping schools from one failed academy trust to another and spending millions both on writing off debts and bribing other trusts to take over. Education is not a business and never should be. We cannot afford for it to become bankrupt and become insolvent.

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