Academisation of schools will lead to more pay disputes, union warns

The Guardian is reporting that teachers have warned of more industrial strife as they claim academisation of schools will push down pay by freeing schools from the national pay scale.

…Kevin Courtney, deputy general secretary of the National Union of Teachers, said dismantling pay scales would cause “complete chaos”.

He said: “There could be individual negotiations with up to 20,000 schools and that is bound to lead to more disputes over pay. There is already a teacher shortage and the fact that you can’t advertise pay scales or say what you’ll be earning in four years will put young people off.”

Asked whether schools might increase pay, he said: “Of course it is not going to mean teachers are paid more because funding will be standing still in cash terms.”

Courtney said many academies were sticking to pay scales at the moment, but some free schools were offering salaries below the minimum. Teachers have reported problems with mortgages as it was not clear how much they might be paid in the future…

Nicky Morgan, the education secretary, who has been touted as a potential rival to Osborne for the Conservative leadership when Cameron steps down, is expected to give more details of the plan for the education shakeup when she opens the House of Commons debate on the budget on Thursday. She will appear on the BBC’s Question Time on Thursday evening.

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We already have an awful lot of academies so is there any evidence so far that they result in more pay disputes?

Is that likely to worsen in the future? If so, why?

Please let us know in the comments or via Twitter…

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  1. AlfredoNokez1

    Don’t think so! Bullying culture in many academies makes unions virtually non-existant. If you Speak out it’s ‘bye, bye’.

  2. clivetaylor915

    Yes. But here’s the scary bit.
    Forced academisation will lead to stresses and strains we can’t even foresee#insanity

  3. andylutwyche

    SchoolsImprove I’m not sure that this is the case; such is the crisis in teaching at the moment that schools can’t offer less than they do

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