Academies could lose some admissions powers

The TES is reporting that ministers are considering radical changes to school admissions that would hand back some of academies’ powers to local authorities

Talks are taking place within the Department for Education about how England’s increasingly fragmented, academised school admissions system can be better ordered.

One proposal, which TES understands has been discussed by the DfE, is to put local authorities in charge of appeals over academy admissions decisions and to give the councils responsibility for admissions to academies during the school year.

It is understood that the department has also been considering other major changes to the admissions system that would have an even more dramatic effect on academies.

“They’re looking at policy changes to address admissions in an all-academy system,” one senior figure in the academies movement told TES…

See more in the 4 March edition of TES.

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What do you think to the suggestion that local authorities might be given more input into academy admissions, especially in all-academy systems?

What impact would this have, and if there additional changes on the cards, what would you like them to be?

Please let us know in the comments or via Twitter…

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  1. The problem with admissions is that schools which are their own admission authorities (academies, VA schools, Foundation schools) can set up their own admission criteria.  These should conform to the Schools Admission Code but many do not.  The proposal to only allow those who have an ‘interest’ in the school (eg a parent) can complain to the Schools Adjudicator about admission criteria which might not adhere to the Code will allow more dodgy criteria to slip through the net.
    It’s right the Government should look at this but should be more radical than just considering whether LAs should settle appeals or manage in-term admissions.  Each LA already has its own admission criteria which applies to all LA-maintained and VC schools.  This should be extended to all schools so parents know where they stand.  Faith schools could become ‘faith ethos’ but not allowed to discriminate against children of parents not of the faith or or no faith.

  2. Dai_James1942

    SchoolsImprove Fragmenting the #GreatEducationHoax creates multiple scapegoating opportunities for those nominally responsible for it.

  3. jessica10510

    SchoolsImprove I agree independent body like LA should determine school admissions as not going to try and pick and choose the best pupils

  4. MadgeJesss

    SchoolsImprove Houston, we have a problem. But one that was entirely predictable if you make all schools academies.

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