Academies association forced into liquidation

The TES is reporting that the Independent Academies Association (IAA) is being forced to close down due to a lack of funds…

The group has been running since 2002, when the first academies were introduced, but it has cited a “radically changed” landscape and “increased pressure” on school budgets as the reasons behind its decision to shut down.

Since 2010, the number of academies has grown from 203 to more than 4,000. But, at the same time, the need for a single membership body has started to decline due to the growth in multi-academy trusts (MATs), which provide services for their member schools.  

According to a statement issued yesterday, IAA membership numbers have started to dry up due to the emergence of MATs and, following advice from experts, it was decided that the body could no longer continue as a going concern…

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Interesting reflection on the changing landscape for academies.

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  1. My comment below is wrong about  the Independent Academies Association.  IAA isn’t an academy trust and doesn’t therefore have any academies.  Should have read the article more carefully.  Nil points for comprehension.
    Nevertheless, the points about the cost of academies changing hands still stands.

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