A third of teachers intend to quit in the next five years

The TES is reporting that a new poll is suggesting a third of all teachers plan to leave the profession in the next five years…

Most have been driven out by excessive workloads and unreasonable managers, according to the YouGov survey of 796 teachers, ranging from the newly qualified to those with decades of experience.

The survey, conducted on behalf of the Teacher Support Network, found that 34 per cent of all teachers plan to leave the profession by 2020. And a further 22 per cent intend to quit their jobs within the next six to 20 years.

Only 10 per cent said that they were planning to remain in teaching for more than 20 years…

The YouGov poll found that 45 per cent of those planning to leave teaching cite retirement as a factor in their decision.

But 40 per cent claim that excessive workload is forcing them to leave profession. And 24 per cent say they are being driven out by unreasonable demands from managers…

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See more detail on this directly from Teacher Support network at: An ‘experience exodus’ looms as a third of all teachers plan to leave in the next five years


The retirement issue seems to have thrown a bit of a spanner in this research because, of the third saying they are going to leave within five years, over half of them say they are retiring.

That’s not to say it is an invalid answer, but it is one that would surely require more investigation before drawing too many conclusions (is retiring the same as ‘deciding to quit’?). 

It does, however, suggest there could be a real issue with experienced teachers in particular leaving the profession. 

It will be interesting to look back in a few years time to see how accurate these projections actually turn out. What do you make of them?


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