A teachable moment: educators must join students in demanding climate justice

Over the past year,  Greta Thunberg and more than 2 million teens around the world have led school strikes for climate justice, demanding that their leaders end the age of fossil fuels. Now these young people have declared 20 September 2019 a historic day for a global climate strike by all people, young and old. Two US professors give us their opinion in the Guardian

We understand that some educators – and their bosses – might object to striking. It’s true that school time is precious, and to teach is a revered responsibility. Some students’ families might take issue with a full day of cancelled classes. And let’s not forget those students who may not want to strike (even with the prospect of a day off from homework). To not teach, one might argue, is to reject learning.

We disagree. To strike in the name of climate justice is a resounding endorsement of learning: it turns out the world’s youth have been listening to their teachers all along. They understand the science of climate disruption; they take in the lessons of history; they grapple with the complexity of market forces and the true costs of polluting. In their humanities and social science courses, they hear the voices of those at the margins and then honor their dignity and humanity through the arts.

Read more on why you should be joining your pupils/children on the 20th of September A teachable moment: educators must join students in demanding climate justice 

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