A ‘fair’ funding formula could spell years of cuts for many schools

The TES is reporting that some schools could face extra budget cuts of up to 2 per cent a year under government plans to introduce a national “fair funding formula”.

Officials at the Department for Education are understood to be considering finding extra cash for low-funded schools by imposing annual 2 per cent cuts on schools in the areas that currently receive the most money.

Chancellor George Osborne confirmed this week that a new formula would be introduced in 2017-18, but did not reveal details of its implementation. If approved, the DfE measure is expected to lead to annual cuts for five years. The move is designed to close gaps between schools’ budgets described by Mr Osborne as “arbitrary and unfair”.

At present, schools in the best-funded areas – many in inner London – receive over £3,000 per pupil more than those in the worst-funded areas…”

See the full story in the 27th November edition of TES

More at: A ‘fair’ funding formula could spell years of cuts for many schools


We know that changing the funding formula will lead to losers as well as winners – does this sound like an acceptable way to handle those schools that will end up getting cut?

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  1. Julie_Cordiner

    Hardly the exclusive that TES claims. The Minimum Funding Guarantee already means cuts of 1.5% per pupil per year when schools lose out from formula changes.
    It is obvious that with no extra money in the system, the timescale for gains flowing through will be governed by how quickly money can be taken away from the losing schools. I’d be surprised if it could be achieved within 5 years without a severe impact on attainment and a widening of the gap in some of the worst affected schools. Bear in mind schools are also absorbing unfunded pressures.

  2. andylutwyche

    SchoolsImprove Those schools getting thousands extra per pupil must have known this was coming (if not, naïve) and should have reserves

  3. andylutwyche

    SchoolsImprove I gave a modicum of sympathy for London schools but this rightly levels the playing field for all schools

  4. covrules

    SchoolsImprove whilst it’s not good to have budget cut – this is just redressing the balance of their over payment of £1000’s for years

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