‘A drain on resources’: Police anger over school hoax bomb scares

The Express and Star from Wolverhampton is reporting that concerns from local police that recent school bomb hoaxes are a drain on police, council and school resources – wasting time for pupils who should be receiving their education.

This was the message from police chiefs as they condemned hoax callers after yet more bomb scares at schools in the Black Country.

Officers patrolling school grounds with search dogs, hurried scared children from classrooms and left concerned parents frantic for news. This has been the scene for four days, including three in a row this week, as bomb threats forced headteachers to urgently evacuate their premises.

Thousands of pupils had lessons cancelled with many told to go home by worried teachers and lecturers who say safety is the number one priority.

But West Midlands Police reiterated that there was ‘no credible threat to schools receiving bomb hoax calls’. Little is yet known on who is behind the threats which have spread confusion and caused disruption to pupils in the run up to busy exam periods.

Police are issuing only limited information about the nature of the calls and their duration…

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This is such a difficult call, but does there come a point where it is no longer appropriate to respond to every threat with an evacuation? 

For example, these days it is just as easy to threaten multiple schools simultaneously as an individual one. What do we do if 50, or 100, or 1,000 schools all receive a bomb threat on the same day? And then the next day? And the next. And so on.

This could cause absolute chaos and clearly that would suit some people’s agendas.

At what point do we reach the line that says enough is enough? Or, come what may, do we always evacuate?

I just have a horrible feeling that the more schools react, the more of these hoax threats there are going to be. 

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14-year old girl charged over 'copycat' school bomb hoax call
School evacuation: Parent's concern over delay and 'health and safety' claim
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