9 revealing numbers from the DfE’s accounts

The annual accounts of the Department for Education and the agencies it covers were published yesterday. They reveal concern over the department’s readiness for the new data protection regulations earlier this year.  Tes reports.

But what else was in the accounts? Here are nine revealing numbers:


Jonathan Slater, the permanent secretary, as the DfE’s highest-paid director, earns 4.2 times the median pay of the DfE workforce. Mr Slater was paid between £160,000 and £165,000 in 2017-18, while the median pay is £38,755.

£8.9 billion

The departmental group was £8.9 billion below budget in 2017-18. It had £101.3 billion to spend but the actual amount spent was £92.4 billion. The underspend included budget cover set aside to cover programmes such as apprenticeships.


Forty-four free school projects were cancelled between 2013-14 and 2016-17 and had not been previously reported.

There were also two cancellations in 2017-18: Daubeney Gate AP primary free school, at a value of £651,000, and Gipsy Hill at a value of £355,000.

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