60 schools in England and Wales estimated to have banned skirts

The Telegraph is reporting that increasing numbers of schools are considering banning skirts in schools and making all pupils wear trousers.

The appropriate length for a school skirt has, for generations, been a daily battleground between pupils, teachers and parents… But Dr Rowena Blencowe, head of Trentham High School in Stoke-on-Trent, wants an end to this hemline war. She has decreed that, come September, girls at her mixed comprehensive will be required to wear “businesslike” trousers

It is practice that has been taken up in recent years by an estimated 60 secondaries in England and Wales, or 1.5 per cent of the total…

Then there are schools that introduced a skirt ban but the policy failed. John Colet School in Wendover, Buckinghamshire, insisted on trousers for girls in 2011, but has just announced the return of a regulation pleated skirt (available only from official suppliers) as part of a wider overhaul of the uniform, including the replacement of blazers with sweatshirts. 

Head teacher Christine McLintock says the change of heart is down to parental feedback…

The experience of Hanson Academy in Bradford, however, indicates that such confidence in a simple solution may be misplaced. Like Trentham High, it has been struggling to push up academic standards – and has had six heads in five years. 

In 2014, it banned skirts to save time wasted on uniform infringements. But shortly afterwards, it was still sending home 152 pupils (10 per cent of the total) on a single day for ignoring rules on trousers, shoes and ties. Once one avenue of teenage rebellion is closed, another opens up…

More at: School skirts – the long and short of it


Where do you stand on this? Do you see merit in banning skirts to avoid complications of skirt lengths or, as the article suggests at the end, will rebellions just start elsewhere?

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Should skirts be banned from secondary school uniforms?


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  1. MadgeJesss

    SchoolsImprove surely there are many schools in which uniform for both sexes has been trousers for many years.

  2. SchoolsImprove

    feliciacole59 Most report hassle of trying to enforce but one head does raise the issue of a safeguarding concern

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