500 school headteachers write open letter to Theresa May warning education system will collapse under £3bn cuts plan.

The Mirror reports that Tory cuts have “put the stability of the whole ­education system at risk,” according to one union boss, while some heads have resorted to begging parents for cash.

And more than 500 heads are so angry with the PM’s wilful destruction of schools they have written her an open letter demanding she scrap her £3billion cuts plan, fearing it will put the futures of millions of pupils in jeopardy.

National Association of Head Teachers leader Russell Hobby said the cuts “put the stability of the whole ­education system at risk”. He added: “We are hearing more and more stories of schools forced to ask parents for money.

“All schools are operating under ­unacceptable levels of financial pressure. This is a result of the Government’s choice to freeze spending. But the Government is flatly refusing to admit the reality. Until they do, all schools are at risk.”

The letter to Mrs May highlights her empty promise made on the steps of Downing of creating a “country that works for everyone”. It read: “That begins with our children. Yet schools are facing cuts of £3billion. This will have a massive impact on young people.”

Teachers last night lined up to tell horror stories of how Tory cuts are cripling their schools.

Sam Offord, who is a Manchester primary head, said: “I had to make five teachers redundant. We lost support staff and we are going to have to make considerable changes. It is the first time since I started teaching in 1989 that I have been involved in anything this drastic.”

Education ministers insist school spending is at record levels and will increase further.

But NAHT’s own research found 72% of heads fear their budgets will be ­untenable by 2019/20 and 18% are already in deficit

Read more 500 school headteachers write open letter to Theresa May warning education system will collapse under £3bn cuts plan.

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  1. Stephanie Wyatt

    This is a great opportunity for academy truses to pare away thosearly expensive layers of managerial staff that do nothing but put pressure on teachers and through them on pupils. More teachers will stay in post … more children will not be pressured into false grades.

  2. Stephanie Wyatt

    Why isn’t the government saving money in the education sector by abandoning the expensive poor quality free schools programme and begin some commonsense placing of schools where they are needed and within a supportive local government structure. Also abandon the supply teaching agencies and place supply teachers within local authority control so that they work within local boroughs and are not part of huge profit making enterprises. How much is spent on supply teaching across the country. The same is true of NHS staffing the only profit is to the staffing agency and it is
    considerable just look at the premises and numbers of staff in all the individual agencies across the country.

  3. Judith Wilson

    My heart is breaking at the state of our educational system…it is sinking lower and lower. I have worked as a ‘mum’, as a dinner lady, as a technician in a chemistry department, as a library assistant and then team leader in a Sixth Form College Learning Resources Centre and, finally, as a SEN teaching assistant and NVQ French teacher for the final eleven years of my working life before retiring two years ago. I have watched the need for support for students with special needs grow year on year and the struggle to maintain that support increase in a similar fashion. Resources have dwindled with each passing year and the number of teaching assistants is being cut to devastating effect. The last straw is to see support for those with mental health issues being steadily reduced and withdrawn at the very time in their lives when students need it most. The teenage years are fraught with difficulties anyway and it is a well known fact that if support is not readily available for particularly vulnerable students, these issues can frequently increase in seriousness until the student is likely to come to serious harm. Support from highly experienced (and, more often than not these days, highly qualified) TAs is absolutely vital to the day to day running of all schools, and it is beyond belief that they continue to be undervalued to the extent that they are being made redundant. It is false economy to the point of stupidity NOT to continue to employ as many TAs as possible in our schools. Ask any teacher and most will admit that the presence of a TA in their classroom not only makes life considerably easier but actually makes teaching a whole class possible! Most TAs have amassed a wealth of knowledge and can cope with practically anything thrown at them (sometimes literally!) and they are very often the first port of call for a student with emotional/psychological problems. It is high time that the government realised that funding MUST be made available in order to secure the futures of our precious children and the sanity of our remaining teachers who have not yet left the profession.

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