Only 38% of pupils plan on applying to university

The Independent is reporting that a recent poll has found that only 38% of pupils who have recently received GCSE exam results are planning on applying to university in the near future.

Days after 700,000 students received their GCSE results, only 38 per cent have said they’ll be heading to university, while 30 per cent said they will no longer be applying. A third say they still don’t know whether they will be applying or not. From those who were unsure or not planning to attend university, 41 per cent said they’d rather acquire more hands-on experience, while a fifth said they can no longer afford it.

The findings have come from NotGoingToUni – a site which highlights alternative career and education options for those who do not wish to head to university. CEO of the site, Sharon Walpole, said it was “fantastic” to hear so many young people are already aware of the various options available to them, and that attitudes are changing around the idea they have to go to university following their GCSEs and A-levels.

Walpole added: “What we want to see is it becoming the norm that all schools and colleges are informing students of all of the options available to them, and providing them with the support they need to get to where they want to be. Tuition fees are high, are continuing to rise, and young people are now realistically weighing up their options about whether they consider the fees are worth the education they’ll receive and the debt they’ll be left with.”

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Does the decline in the number of pupils who want to apply to university have a positive or negative element to it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or on Twitter! ~ Meena

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  1. RBel2

    SDPenny1 ActionTutoring Yep. Interesting when you consider that only 33.5% of FSM pupils achieve five A* – C grades at GCSE.

  2. headsview

    FutureLeadersCT Education should not be about one goal- university but now it seems to be the only measure of success

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