Only 38% of the public back new grammar schools

The TES is reporting that just 38% of people believe that the government should build more grammar schools and encourage more schools to select by academic ability, according to new YouGov poll.

Almost a quarter (23 per cent) of people believe existing grammar schools should be scrapped, while 17 per cent say current selective schools should remain but no more should be created, another 22 per cent were “not sure”.

But the poll, carried out last week, found that more two thirds of the adults (67 per cent) would send their child to a grammar school if they passed an entrance exam. 

Evidence suggests that grammar schools take a disproportionately small proportion of children from disadvantaged backgrounds. But the YouGov survey found that only 19 per cent of the English public think they damage social mobility, another 35 per cent thought they improved it, 27 per cent said it made no difference and 20 per cent were not sure.  

More at: Only 38 per cent of the public back new grammar schools

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  1. abbyaug

    SchoolsImprove HelenSalmon2 I think that if you asked the question ‘would you back new sec mod schools?’ the numbers would be even less.

  2. andylutwyche

    SchoolsImprove It’d be interesting to see the demographic of those who were pro-grammar schools. I reckon that might be telling

  3. andylutwyche SchoolsImprove I can’t find the actual poll on YouGov site – that’s a pity because it might have given the age groups.  A YouGov poll in 2015 showed support for grammars declining by age – support highest among the oldies (65+) and lowest in the young (16-24).

  4. Grammar schools are currently located in affluent regions of the country which doesn’t help social mobility. New grammar schools should be built within deprived communities to give poorer children opportunitIes that those in more affluent regions benefit from by attending grammar schools.

  5. Pauline Limen Not true.  Some coastal towns in selective Kent and Lincolnshire are deprived.  For example, Skegness (Lincs) is one of the most deprived coastal towns in England.  It has a grammar and a non-selective secondary school.  Does the grammar give a leg up to the disadvantaged children in Skegness?  No.  The national figure for children who’ve been eligible or free schools meals in the last six years (FSM6) is 29.4%.  Skegness Grammar has 11.3% FSM6 while Skegness Academy has  50.1%.

  6. Pauline Limen Despite the rhetoric about new grammars being in the most deprived communities, the Government made it clear last Saturday it’s not interested in the bottom 10%.

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