£30k for European graduates to teach in Norfolk and Suffolk

The BBC is reporting that graduates from Greece, Portugal and Italy are being offered up to £30,000 to train as teachers in maths, sciences and languages in Norfolk and Suffolk.

Suffolk and Norfolk Initial Teacher Training (Snitt) said it had to be “proactive” to attract the best into teaching key shortage subjects. 

Trainees will sign a “declaration” agreeing to stay for the two years.

Hilary Buckey, for the National Union of Teachers, accused it of “plundering” talent from Southern Europe…

Paul Law, from Snitt, said, “We can’t put a ball and chain around anyone’s leg to make them stay for the long term but there will certainly be an expectation they will stay for two years”.

Snitt believes it is the first training organisation to increase bursaries for 2016 recruits by £5,000, and will also be offering them to UK graduates. 

Both counties said they have struggled recently to attract teachers in maths, physics, chemistry, computing and modern foreign languages. 

James Joyce, chairman of Norfolk County Council’s children’s services committee, backed the new European recruitment drive.

“This is only one part of the system for getting the very best teachers,” said Mr Joyce…

A Department for Education spokesman said it wanted all schools to be able to recruit “more high quality teachers” in core academic subjects, which was why it had announced these new “generous” bursaries for 2016.

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Should Snitt be applauded for being proactive here, or is it just another case of creating a bidding war that others will end up matching, leaving everyone worse off in the long term?

And what about the argument that this is “plundering” talent from other countries? Valid point?

Please give us your reactions in the comments or via Twitter…


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