3 things we’ve learnt about middle leaders

It may well be tough at the top – but it’s no picnic a step or two down the ladder, either. Teachwire reports. 

1 | Middle leaders really do seem miserable

Compared to heads and classroom teachers, those in middle management really do seem miserable.

In our most recent Teacher Tapp survey, 39% of secondary middle leaders said their morale was lower than last year and 17% said it was low or very low overall.

Classroom teachers were only a few percentage points happier. Headteachers, however, reported almost deliriously happy rates of morale, with one in four (25%) saying it was ‘very high’. Just 6% of middle leaders said the same.

2 | Teaching and managing is a lot of work

One reason why middle leaders may be less happy is because their role combines the high teaching load of a classroom teacher with the significant responsibilities of a leader.

Middle leaders, however, still do considerable amounts of marking (at least three hours per week), while also emailing (about 30 per day), as well as trying to balance extracurricular activities, department-wide planning, and handling behaviour, trips, and everything else.

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