3 Things we Learned about what Teachers think of Ofsted

Well, who’d have thought it – turns out we can print what teachers think about our schools inspectorate after all, says Laura McInerney in Teachwire.

1 | There’s not a lot of love for Ofsted

No one likes the sound of an inspection. Maybe it’s a reminder of the nit nurse or one too many airport checks, but the thought of a stranger poring over our lives, frankly, gives us the creeps. Schools inspectorate Ofsted is particularly disliked.

When asked to rate the inspectorate on a scale of 1-9 (just like GCSE grades), only 23% of teachers gave a score that could be considered even vaguely positive. When asked if the organisation was ‘trusted and reliable,’ things got even worse, with only 16% of teachers agreeing the inspectorate met the bar.

2 | Inspections can prompt gaming behaviours

Another reason why teachers may not trust Ofsted is that they’ve seen their own school try to cheat the system. Around one in 12 teachers has been asked to teach a class that is outside their usual timetable when an inspector is in, either in a support role or as the main teacher.

Even worse, 24% of secondary teachers said they had worked in a school where children had been deliberately kept at home, or sent off on a trip, when Ofsted visited.

Schools in the poorest areas were more likely to partake in such ‘gaming’, possibly as a consequence of the higher stakes for their school, given the higher threat of a low inspection grade.

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