20% of Northern Ireland’s children overweight by the time they start school

Almost one in five children in Northern Ireland is overweight by the time they start primary school, a new report reveals. This is from the Belfast Telegraph

The shock statistics from the British Heart Foundation (BHF) provide a stark signal of the ticking time bomb facing the health of our young people.

It is also a concern for the future of an already overstretched Health Service.

Health Minister Edwin Poots told the Belfast Telegraph the issue of childhood obesity was a “particular concern”.

The BHF figures reveal nearly 20% of children in the province are now overweight, or even obese, before they reach just five years of age.

Overall, 27% of children here are now classified as being overweight — with 8% of them reaching obese levels.

The number of children who are obese in Northern Ireland has doubled in the last 15 years, based on a similar survey carried out in 1997/98.

The figures for youngsters aged around five said 4% were obese with 17% considered overweight.

The worrying statistics are contained in the Healthy Survey for Northern Ireland and guidelines put forward by the International Obesity Task Force.

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  1. noreb_el

    SchoolsImprove problem everywhere. Think people actually cook more themselves in NI (DH from there) but portion sizes large (1/2)

  2. noreb_el

    SchoolsImprove +strong culture of hospitality means biscuit/cake with every cup of tea. However, haven’t seen anymore large kids there. 2/2

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