Under 16s’ sex education should only include reproduction and chromosomes – Ukip

BT Online reports that David Kurten, Ukip education spokesman said anything on “non-reproductive sexual acts, sex change operations or gender fluidity” could be introduced after the age of 16.  

He said such topics could be introduced after a child turns 16 as they are becoming adults and therefore “can deal with these different concepts” and understand them.

Speaking at a press conference in central London, Mr Kurten said: “We must protect our children from damaging and confusing fringe ideologies which sexualise children at an early age and confuse their natural development as boys and girls – both in primary, secondary and even pre-schools.

Mr Kurten said he has seen materials aimed at seven-year olds “describing sex acts, which are nothing to do with reproduction, in graphic detail”.

He went on: “This is wrong, as was the call of the NUT to introduce some kind of sex education into nursery schools. Two-year olds in nursery schools can hardly talk.”

“While countries in Asia are flying ahead of us in academic attainment and eastern European countries are training their own young people with all the technical skills they need to succeed, in Britain part of the debate about education is focused by obsessing on gender queer theory and whether boys should wear girls’ uniforms.

Asked what age would be considered appropriate to teach pupils about gender fluidity and sex changes, Mr Kurten replied: “As you know, the age of consent in this country is 16 so I don’t think we should be promoting any kind of sex education beyond the normal science – reproduction and chromosomes – up to 16. After 16, when people are transitioning to becoming adults and people can deal with these different concepts then we can introduce them – at an age when people can deal with and understand it. But certainly in primary school and definitely pre-school, I wouldn’t allow it.”

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Do you agree? Or is this a step backwards when relationships and sex education will be made mandatory in secondary and primary schools by 2019? Please tell us your thoughts in comments or via Twitter ~ Tamsin

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