£10m literacy boost for thousands of pupils in the North East

The TES is reporting that a £10 million scheme to boost literacy for 10,000 pupils in primary schools across the North East is being launched today.

The Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) and Northern Rock Foundation will be running a five-year campaign in the region to test the most effective ways of helping children learn to read and write well – and to introduce proven methods to schools.

The project will be open to all 880 primary schools in the area, but will focus particularly on those with high numbers of disadvantaged pupils.

Schools’ level of involvement in the programme will vary according to their needs. The EEF will begin by recruiting a network of local advocates who will work with schools to identify specific issues. The advocates will be able to provide training and information on what is available in terms of evidence-based programmes.

Sir Kevan Collins, chief executive of the EEF, said: “We know that good literacy is absolutely fundamental to success in secondary school and later in life, but your chance of leaving primary school without decent reading and writing skills is significantly increased if you come from a poor home. We hope the campaign will leave a lasting legacy of evidence-based programmes and effective practice in the region, building on the good work already under way in schools.”  

…In order to boost literacy in the region, the EEF will carry out trials of programmes which have already shown promise. In the longer term, there may be funding to introduce programmes which have been evaluated as successful into schools…

More at: £10m literacy boost for thousands of pupils in the North


See more on this directly from the EEF at: £10m Campaign to Help 10,000 Disadvantaged Primary Pupils in the North East Learn to Read and Write


Sounds like a very interesting project to keep an eye on – hopefully evidence gained will ultimately be useful across all schools.


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