More than 1,000 schools found to be ‘spying’ on children’s internet browsing

The Daily Mail is reporting that data protection campaigners have warned that schools could be ‘normalising children to surveillance’ as more than a thousand schools are thought to be monitoring children’s internet usage.

More than 1,000 schools are now using snooping software that can spy on pupils as they work on their computers, privacy campaigners have warned. The technology aims to protect children from grooming by extremists or accessing adult websites, but it is sometimes installed without the knowledge of families.

And concerns have been raised that there is a risk that monitoring and filtering of online content may go too far.

Figures obtained under Freedom of Information requests by civil liberties group Big Brother Watch show that of 1,420 secondary schools in England and Wales which provided data, 1,000 use the technology.

The classroom management software packages can be used by schools in a number of ways, such as to monitor pupils’ internet activity, access their web history, block websites and check what is being typed into a computer.

Around £2.5 million has been spent by these schools on this software, which was installed on a total of 821,386 computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

More at: More than 1,000 schools spy on pupils’ web browsing: Campaigners say families are not told about software being used to monitor activity 

Do you agree with the idea that surveillance is getting out of hand and has become a normal thing amongst society? Or is it important to monitor the younger generation to safeguard them from extremism, bullying and people that could harm them? By using such serious method surveillance are we not making it clear to students that they are not to be trusted – which is surely detrimental to a good bond between teacher and pupil… 

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  1. SchoolsImprove

    NicolePonsford I agree, parents should be involved but would pupils not feel a sense of ’them’ and ‘us’, that they aren’t trusted? ~ MA

  2. NicolePonsford

    SchoolsImprove Absolutely! As a teacher I never had firewalls in my classes – but they were supervised. It was about trust.

  3. NicolePonsford

    SchoolsImprove However some children WANT to rebel. I think we need to also acknowledge they are children – and we CAN monitor them.

  4. NicolePonsford

    rdgresident SchoolsImprove That’s my point. They are also children. I think we need to stop being so afraid & lead with eSafety.

  5. SchoolsImprove

    NicolePonsford I agree, they can rebel within reason! Children should be allowed to be children as long as they’re not harming anyone. ~ MA

  6. NicolePonsford

    SchoolsImprove Agreed. We wouldn’t throw them into the scary part of town with no help – so why do we think it is weird to protect online

  7. gasman_g

    SchoolsImprove typical Daily Heil story ☺ KCSIE 2016 specifically requires “appropriate monitoring” by schools.

  8. GodSquadandMe

    SchoolsImprove Kayleigh Hayward raped, + murdered 15 days after meeting a groomer on line – I suggest ‘snoop’ all you can school + home

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