Over 100 schools now have headteachers in their 20s, data shows

The Telegraph reports that Britain’s headteachers are the youngest they have ever been, as figures show that over 100 schools have appointed school leaders in their 20s.

The number of heads under the age of 35 has grown by three quarters since 2010, according to figures from the Department for Education (DfE). Since 2010, a higher proportion of younger teachers have progressed into senior leadership positions than that of more experienced teachers, aged over 40.

The analysis, carried out by the Labour Party, shows that less experienced teachers are being promoted into senior positions while their more experienced colleagues are leaving the profession in droves.

Alex Reppold, who was 28-years-old when he was appointed as headteacher of Pocklington Community Junior School, East Yorkshire, said that when it comes to senior leadership positions, age should not be a factor.

“I think all new leaders or managers have a certain duty to prove themselves – I don’t know if age really factors into that,” said Mr Reppold, who is now 31.

The number of heads aged between 30 and 34 has also increased by 50 per cent since 2010, but the number over 54 has fallen by a quarter. Last year there were 100 heads aged 25-29, and the number of deputy heads has increased by 89 per cent since 2010 for the same age group. 

A DfE spokesman welcomed the figures, saying it is “encouraging to see gifted young teachers being given the opportunity to take on headship at an early stage in their career.”

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Are you a ‘younger’ head teacher? Is age an issue? Are years of experience important nowadays? Please tell us your thoughts in comments or via Twitter ~ Tamsin

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