10 parents pull their children out of school trip to mosque over ‘safety fears’

The Plymouth Herald is reporting that children as young as eight have been banned by their parents from attending a school religious education trip to a British mosque – over ‘safety’ fears…

Around 100 primary pupils were due to go on the trip as an opportunity for pupils in Year Three to Six to learn about different faiths.

Lostwithiel School in east Cornwall said the trip to the mosque in Exeter, was part of an RE learning exercise…

But around 10 pupils pulled after parents said they had ‘grave concerns’ about the teaching of Islam.

One parent, who didn’t wish to be named, said: “We have grave concerns about the children’s safety during the trip due to the horrific events that occur every day.

“We have therefore decided not to send our children on this trip. This decision is not one based on ignorance or racial or religious beliefs, but one based purely on safety concerns.”

The parent said she was furious after the pupils not going were singled out in assembly…

More at: 10 parents pull their children out of school trip to mosque


This is an extremely depressing story and as someone now based in the South West I do think there is a much greater level of ignorance about other cultures than normally the case elsewhere. 

Why? Probably because there are far, far fewer non-white people living down here than in most other parts of the country. That’s no one’s fault but it is an issue and schools probably have an extra responsibility to help their students become aware of it and become more familiar with and tolerant of people from other faiths, races and cultures.

That said, if the report about confronting the children in assembly is true, that can’t be right either, can it?  


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  1. PaulJonze

    SchoolsImprove What an excellent lesson in RE, demonstrating the divisive power of religion. Hopefully the kids will be put off for good.

  2. LaCatholicState

    A trip to a mosque is not necessary to know about Islam.  Some Christians would feel unhappy about going to a mosque for religious reasons….and some would not go as protest against the intolerance and violence Islam is showing to Christians from Rotherham to Kenya to Pakistan. 

    The only solution is to respect the sensitivities of the parents involved.  And it’s got nothing to do with the number of Muslims in the SW.  In London, many parents will not allow their children to go to mosques for the reasons mentioned above.  It’s always good to remember that tolerance must be a 2 way street.

  3. The majority of pupils would still go.  Pupils whose parents don’t want them to go can remain in school.  Best not to make a fuss about this.

  4. CarrieHay

    SchoolsImprove had to call a meeting with parents after many wouldn’t let children go to the GURDWARA for the same reason…I can’t even…

  5. LaCatholicState

    @CarrieHay SchoolsImprove  Some people view a trip to another’s place of worship as a religious activity – and a betrayal of their own God and beliefs.  Please be sensitive to this.  Not everyone is a secularist.

  6. Busy Mum Ofsted inspection of independent Bolton Islamic Girls’ Schools in 2013 found:’….firm plans are in place for further visits to another local school and to a variety of places of worship.’
    Although Ofsted didn’t mention visits to churches etc, inspectors (July 2014) found Tauheedul Islam Girls’ High School and Sixth-Form College (state school) promoted ‘… tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs are threaded throughout both the academic and enrichment elements of the school’s curriculum.’

    At Tauheedul Islam Boys’ High School (state free school), inspectors wrote: ‘Students are encouraged to play an active role in the community. They raise impressive amounts of money for a wide range of charities and even run a food bank for local, deprived families. Activities such as these and the deeply spiritual life of the school result in spiritual, moral, social and cultural development that is second to none.’

  7. LaCatholicState

    Janet2 LaCatholicState SchoolsImprove  It doesn’t matter.  People feel differently about these things.  For instance my grandparents would never enter a Protestant Church. That was their custom….and nobody ever ignorantly forced them or demanded that they do so. What would be the point of doing that.

  8. LaCatholicState Janet2 SchoolsImprove The school is not ‘forcing’ the children to visit the mosque.  And the parents didn’t seem to be objecting on religious reasons but on safety grounds (ie some nutter, perhaps from another religion or none, might attack the mosque).

    The ‘point’ of encouraging children to visit each others’ places of worship is to open eyes and recognise common humanity.

    Claiming ‘custom’ is not a defence. Sometimes customs need challenging.

  9. LaCatholicState

    Janet2 LaCatholicState SchoolsImprove The school is forcing the children to visit the mosque now!  And yes it is highly unlikely that they will be attacked on the visit to the mosque….however, parents are entitled to their misgivings. 

    We don’t need to go to a mosque to recognise common humanity.  Nor do we need lessons in it.  Though maybe it would be a good idea for Muslims to have lessons in common humanity.

    Let’s challenge secular ‘customs’ if they have any (secularism seems to be a custom and culture free zone)….and Muslim customs.  I quite like all my customs….and don’t intend changing any to suit anyone.

  10. LaCatholicState Janet2 SchoolsImprove The InterFaith Network includes all religions even Muslims therefore generalised comments about Muslims as a group of inaccurate.  All you can truthfully say is that some Muslims act barbarically and use the Koran to justify their actions.  No group has a monopoly on barbarism.  Neither does any group have a monopoly on saintliness (although those who regard themselves as saintly and therefore superior to others are deluded).

    Nonsense to say secularism is a ‘custom and culture free zone’.  Look up secular – it doesn’t mean anti-religion.  A secular society allows people freedom to practice their own faith or none and doesn’t impose one (always regarded as the ‘true’ faith) on other people.

    You presumably would be happy with a CatholicState in which all would be forced to become Catholics.  I wouldn’t.  I’m happy to let people worship as they want as long as it does no harm to others. and they don’t want to impose their way of worship on others.

  11. LaCatholicState

    Janet2 LaCatholicState SchoolsImprove   Sorry….but Christians are called to do good to those that hate us.  It would be better for billlions if Islam shared it….but they don’t.  In fact the Koran is very insulting to Jews Christians and other non-believers.  That alone would justify a boycott of mosques.

    I never said secular meant anti-religion.  But I state my case….secularism generates no culture of customs of its own.  It is empty voyeurism of other’s culture and custom.

    I want a Catholic State….for Catholics.  That’s all.  Unlike secularists and Muslims….I don’t want to lord it over everybody else.  Im not that insecure.  And if you are such a liberal…you would accept the refusal of some to visit a mosque.  Stop trying to control others.  I don’t.

  12. LaCatholicState Janet2 SchoolsImprove And ISIS want a Muslim state for Sunni Muslims.  I’m happy for everyone to live together in peace.  Not happy with sectarianism.  It leads to hatred, suspicion and prejudice.

    If you read my comments carefully you would see I  did not suggest the children should be forced to go (that was your interpretation on which you then attacked me – a straw man argument, I think).  

    Yes, the Koran is insulting about infidels etc but so is the Bible against certain groups. eg  ‘Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live’; the advice in Deuteronomy that those worshiping other Gods should be put to death.

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